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Hendricks County's Choice for Heating & Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Service.

Your home is your castle.  You want it to be comfortable day and night, a place of safety to relax.  Whether it's when you walk in the door from work or when you're sleeping at night, you want your furnace and air conditioner to work as they were designed.  A home that is hot and humid can be completely unpleasant.  

When there's a problem, you want it fixed -- quickly, correctly and affordably.  

We service ALL Makes, Models and Types!

We diagnose and repair all makes, models and types.  Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, a heat pump, a geothermal system, a mini-split, or a packaged unit, we do it all.  We have experience with Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Heil, Comfortmaker, Bosch, and many more.  

Our Services Offered

- Furnace/Heat or Air Conditioner Repair
- New Installations/Replacements: Furnaces, A/C's or Complete Systems
- System Efficiency Improvement Upgrades
- Annual Maintenance
- System Cleaning
- Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Installation
- Ductwork Changes
- Thermostat Upgrades

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    We believe you deserve someone you can trust. Someone that won't try to sell you something you don't need, but will explain your situation and give you options to choose from. Someone that will treat you like family. It may be a simple solution, like replacing a failed capacitor, or it may be the beginning of multiple problems. We'll diagnose your problem and fix it to your satisfaction..

    Remodeling or Adding Onto Your Home

    If you add on living space to your home, or finish your basement, please contact us to consider your options. Often times, adding living space will make your existing equipment undersized for the new space. We can calculate the overall load and tell you whether the current system is enough, what ductwork changes you may need, or make recommendations for a larger system or an add-on system.

    Upgrading your System

    Most heating and air conditioning equipment will last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you maintain and clean them.  Most spec homes or older systems may only be 80% efficient and over time, become even less efficient.  For example, if you have an 8 or 10 SEER 2.5 ton air conditioner now and you replace it with a 13 SEER, you'll save about $200-$425 per year in electricity.  Over its 20 year life, that's $4,000 to $8,500.   If you upgrade to a more efficient 16 SEER system, you would likely save about $350-$550 per year, or $7,000 to $11,000 over 20 years.  In most cases, you may save more money than it costs to upgrade your system.   Let us give you options. 

    Regular Maintenance

    Most people think that their air conditioner will run forever, or maybe that's just their hope.  The fact is, the life of an air conditioning system can be great prolonged by keeping it clean.  You may not be able to see the coils on your outdoor unit if the outer cover has louvers.  However, it may be caked with dirt, bugs and grass clippings. That will reduce the air flow and put undo stress on the compressor and eventually, will lead to compressor failure.  Although compressors can be changed out, if it's an older system with R22 refrigerant, you may need to replace the entire outdoor condensor unit.  To get the most out of your system, have us disassemble the housing and properly clean the coils once per year or two. 

    Replace your filter.  We recommend changing your filter every 3 months to keep the maximum air flow thru the system.  We can do that for you if you prefer.  Some installers put them in hard-to-reach places for some reason.  

    Service Area

    We service all of Hendricks County, Western Boone County, Northern Monroe County, Putnam County in Central Indiana.   

    If you live in Danville, Lizton, Pittsboro, Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, Clayton, Amo, Coatsville, North Salem, Jamestown, Greencastle, Bainbridge, Lebanon, Zionsville, Mooresville, Monrovia, or other areas close by, give us a call at 317-500-9707 for service on your system.
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    We service all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners including forced air systems, heat pumps and geothermal.  We typically install Heil, ComfortMaker and Bosch systems.  
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    About Us

    Hendricks Heating and Cooling LLC is owned by Bobby Miller, a 15 year veteran in the HVAC industry.  Bobby started out in the geothermal heat pump market and has significant training and experience from previous employers.  Bobby is fully licensed and EPA-certified.  
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