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New System Installations

Are you building a new home or do a drastic add-on?  We can install ductwork and all system components for your to benefit from a smoothly running and energy efficient heating & air conditioning system.  Get the right size for your space from the beginning.  So often, ductwork is undersized and restricts the needed airflow to the system for it to operate at peak efficiencies.  

Equipment Replacements & Add-Ons

Remodeling?  Does the added space require adding ductwork or system upgrades for the larger space?  Some existing systems may be big enough to handle a small room addition.  You may want to consider replacing it with a bigger central system or adding a dedicated mini-split system for the new space.

Maybe you're flipping a house and upgrading everything in it to get top dollar.  The new owner will expect a new HVAC system as well.  HVAC may only be 2nd to roofing for things home inspectors call out on their report, just due to system age.  Most systems are going to last 10-20 years depending on the manufacturer, the system, and the preventative maintenance that you perform on it, keeping filters and coils clean.  It has come to the point that most savvy home owners know that they can plan for their system replacement costs in that 15-20 year range. 

Equipment Upgrades for Better Energy Efficiency 

Your Furnace & Air Conditioner may be one of the largest energy consumption appliances in your home.    A 2.5 ton Air Conditioner upgrade from a 10 SEER unit to a new 13 SEER may only save you $1,500 over a 15 year life, but replacing that same system with a 17 SEER unit may save you $2,500 over 15 years.   Upgrade to a 20.5 SEER Bosch IDS 2.0 Heat Pump System and enjoy $3,250 savings over 15 years.  Add in the savings from going from an older, lower performing gas furnace to a new 95 AFUE gas furnace may save you as much as $11,000 over 15 years.  Just like adding insulation to your home, or upgrading your windows, investing in a new high efficiency heating & air conditioning system may be a smart economic decision.  Let us help you calculate your savings. 

Also with the higher efficiency systems, there may be rebates from your local power utility provider.  

While you may want the least expensive system for a rental property or a home you don't plan to live in for very long, you may want to consider a more energy efficient system for your own home.  If you intend to live in the home for 15-20 years, the energy savings will more than pay for the added costs.  

System Troubleshooting & Repair

Repair issues to your A/C are common, especially starting about the time the unit approaches 9 or 10 years old.  Make sure you have proper air flow -- the filter is changed on a regular basis and the coils are cleaned annually.  If either of these two items are neglected, it will put a drag on your system and likely burn out the compressor.   Every Spring, the first time you turn the system on, go outside and make sure the fan is turning, blowing hot air out.  If the fan is not turning at all or it's just humming, it needs service immediately.  Call us at 317-500-9707 for emergency service and turn the system off.  

Digital WiFi Thermostat Installations

Thermostats have come a long way.  Digital displays make them easy to read and program.  Many are WiFi-enabled now allowing you to monitor and control the thermostat from your smart phone.  Some utility companies will even give you a rebate for installing them.  For example, Hendricks Power Cooperative has a $50 rebate through the end of 2020.  

Indoor Air Quality Equipment Installation -- Air Purifiers, Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Your families health can benefit from pure clean air.  Installing an air purifier on your HVAC system is the best whole house solution for the best environment to keep your air clean.   Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers can maintain indoor humidity around 30% year around.  They also help your HVAC system perform better while using less energy.  A humidifier can help reduce dry skin and dry throats in the winter and may reduce susceptibility to respiratory issues. 

Preventative Maintenance -- Filter Replacement & System Cleaning

One of the tops reasons systems fail is that they are not maintained.  Limiting air flow through the unit will put a drag on the system and reduce the air flow through your vents, resulting in low performance.  Your outdoor condenser unit may appear clean at first glance, especially if it has louvers on the outer sheet metal.  However, while the outside looks clean, the coil can be completely clogged, preventing air flow through the coil and stressing the compressor, causing it fail.  Indoor air conditioning coils can become dirty and algae can grow in the pan below the coil and clog the drain, creating a leak of condensate water.  Ductwork can get dirty and decrease your home air quality.   And ducts can get damaged or collapse, reducing airflow, especially flex ducts in attic spaces.  Let us check your system to keep it in top working condition and energy efficiency.   
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