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92 AFUE Gas Furnace System Upgrade

We installed this Heil 92 AFUE high efficiency gas furnace, along with a new outdoor A/C condenser unit and indoor coil. The previous filter was just clipped into the blower motor housing in the old unit and hard to change out.  We installed a new filter box below the unit that uses the newer 4" pleated filters that provide better air flow and filtering for allergy and asthma sufferers.  This system should save the homeowner several thousands in energy costs over the life of the system.  

Mini-Split New Installation

Sometimes, we run across a room addition or an office inside a garage or pole barn that the customer wants both heat and air conditioning.  These mini-split HVAC systems are great for those applications.  It can have up to 4 indoor units for 1 outdoor unit.  Heat & cool your garage, basement, 4 Season Sunroom addition, or a home addition.  Normally we would prefer to put the lineset in the wall or thru an unused space, but that option was not practical in this installation so we chose to do a surface installation and cover it with molding. 
Four Season Heater
Sunroom Air Conditioner
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